First Instrument #2: Night of A Thousand 'I's by Jory Drew

First Instrument, a performance series curated by artist Jory Drew, acknowledges and lifts the voices of BLACK/LGBTQIA centered spoken word and sound artists. Who in this space contemplate the origins of communication today under the specified themes. These workshops are FREE and open to the public. 

Jubilee by F4F

Tuesday Feb 14th, 2017, F4F hosted a spiked sangria, hardwood floored, hot piano keyed, 
soulful beat celebration of Black Love. Black Language. Black Sounds.

For the people, 
The women, men, and gender nonconforming who grew in spite of…
Who laugh and dance and sang and played
And drunk their wine.

Jubilee for you and me. 

2nd Floor Rear at F4F by F4F

Sunday, February 5th, 2017, second day of 2nd Floor Rear's annual art festival. F4F hosted two events on the same day. A performance by The Participatory Music Coalition titled, "A Sonic Feast as Venus Approaches Mars" and an exhibition curated by Danielle Wordelman titled, "This Ritual of Dreams."

Participatory Music Coalition
"A Sonic Feast as Venus Approaches Mars":

A Sonic Feast as Venus Approaches Mars performance will proceed through journeys of sound, text, movement, poetry, song, moving images, and cuisine. Both free and planned improvisational offerings will leave plenty of space for guests to contribute and share. We encourage participation by all! By thought, word, deed, and sound, we invite you to celebrate with us the divine unity of all the cosmos that music represents. We welcome your sound, your spirit, your voice and your heartbeat!

"This Ritual of Dreams Curated" by Danielle Wordelman

This Ritual of Dreams will be a place for quiet keeping and tender mending. We will traverse liminal spaces on a cold weekend in Pilsen by accessing the communal cosmos, creating alternative realities and exploratory processing. Centered around a collection of handmade objects from local artists, this exhibition will deconstruct ways we learn and negotiate by creating a small community of people actively pursuing healing, which will transform the way they engage their own communities. The artworks examine small reminders and process-based art practices of overlooked artists. Through a series of writing exercises, herbal magic, and communal sharing, we will manifest our own desires and build protection within our community in a manifestation ritual at the end of the evening. We will acknowledge and give gratitude for the witches, healers, artists and travelers before us and draw down their power to enrich our communities.
Featured artists: Danielle Wordelman, Allie Shyer, Molly Berkson, Magritte Nankin, Carolina Proveda, Olive Stefanski, Yani Aviles, and Emily Schulert.